About Us

Where shall I start?


It all starts with my mom really as were a mother (KAZ) and daughter (EMMA) duo.
Mom always worked for my grandad with his family run business of 56 years making and selling garden/pub furniture.

I Would go in school holidays to earn my pocket money, Nan on the reception desk & my mom,  Uncles and aunts and even my great nan bless her at 80 years old looking after their designated job roles.

When sadly in 2012 we lost my grandad and not long after the family business with that being the only work mom had ever known.

Now a few years had passed & she was still at a battle of what to do as a new career.
Mom has always had a love for fashion especially Italian clothing, so I was able to source some suppliers with a possibility this could be her new venture.

Me I already had a job as a hairdresser for the past 18 years, So I was just the one with an idea and push behind mom to support her.

We sourced, We went, and next thing we were on our journey home with a boot full of clothes with no idea of what to do next, no business name, no premise nothing?!..

What do we do now?!
We just stared into our empty coffee mugs confused!

My husband who is my number one supporter sat with us and pulled a rein, so our premises was going to be the summer house/his gym in my garden, Which is where the name came from (The Style Loft) as we were all about style and it looked like we were in a loft!

So next steps a Facebook page was set up we had a name/logo, We had a premises and from then on its been blooming AMAZING!!

Over time the business grew to which we out grew the summer house and we had a purpose built studio by my father who is also one of our biggest supporters.

I'm now on board full time with The Style Loft where it has become both our passion and love as well as our jobs.
So we thought we would spread our passion further and here we are online with a website ... Eeeekkk!!

We hope that your time here is a wonderful one,
Shop 'til you drop' and if you have any questions, Feel free to contact us via Email or our Facebook page.

Much love 
Em + Kaz xx